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We're very excited to have Strhessfest back in Cleveland for 2004. Last year? festival was held in Austin, Texas to a capacity crowd and this year? promises to be even better. The music is more diverse without losing sight of the quality and integrity of the acts. Our art gallery will also be the largest one we've ever presented for this event.

The goal of Strhessfest is to bring contemporary music and visual art that really matters together in one event. The music complements the art and the art complements the music, there's a common thread. Be it hardcore rock, emo music, CD cover art, or the fine arts, a like-mindedness has evolved. We're living during a renaissance. The time is now, and this year the place is Cleveland.

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news and updates

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

We've posted some new pictures of Above This Fire and a few crowd shots from Strhessfest, they were all taken by Kat This Fire. The majority of pictures (As I Lay Dying through the Thursday's) were taken by Amy Weiser. The three venue shots and two Converge pictures after those were taken by Kendra Calhoun.

We'll be getting some With Honor pictures up soon.

Deadline to register to vote is October 4th, so go get yourself registered, no excuses this time.

Derek Hess

Thursday, August 26, 2004

We've finally got the Strhessfest pictures posted on this site, sorry about the delay. Unfortunately we don't have photo's of all the bands so if you have any of the one's we missed, send them our way.

Here's a couple of late summer fest's going on in Detroit.....

Fri Aug 27 - VFW, Ferndale (Detroit) - PIEROGI FEST 2! (part 1) - Tonight Dies / Anima Sola / Travesty / Throat Punch / Till Death Do Us Part / Your Last Mistake vs. Building A Desert / All My Blood / Above This Fire / The Torrent / Let It Die / This Means War - VFW, 177 Vester St Ferndale, MI 48220 Doors open at 5. FREE PIEROGIES!!! for more info:

Sat Aug 28 - VFW, Ferndale (Detroit) - PIEROGI FEST 2! (part 2) - Adelaide / Like Braille to the Blind / One Day Remains / Olsen / Eat Your Heart Out / Select / Mean Mother / Rome For A Day / And The Sky Went Red / Signsofcollapse / The Transfer / Coalition - VFW, 177 Vester St Ferndale, MI 48220 Doors open at 5. FREE PIEROGIES!!! for more info:

Fri Sept 3 - Masonic Temple, Detroit - BOTTLE ROCKET FEST 2K4 (part 1) Embrace Today / Suffocate Faster / With Honor / Alove For Enemies / This Means War / Anterrabae / Psyopus / Black My Heart / Premonitions Of War / xKill Everyonex / Till Death Do Us Part / Bloody Sunday / End Of All / many more - Masonic Temple of Detroit, 500 Temple ave, Detroit - more info:

Sat Sept 4 - Masonic Temple, Detroit - BOTTLE ROCKET FEST 2K4 (part 2) Bury Your Dead / From A Second Story Window / Since The Flood / The#12lookslikeyou / Let It Die / The Alliance / Robinson / Ion Dissonance / The Blinding Light / The Power And The Glory / Undo Tomorrow / The End / CDC / many more - Masonic Temple of Detroit, 500 Temple ave, Detroit - more

Sun Sept 5 - Masonic Temple, Detroit - BOTTLE ROCKET FEST 2K4 (part 3) The Black Dahlia Murder / Found Dead Hanging / Circle Of Dead Children / Eat Your Heart Out / Phoenix Bodies / Nehemiah / Forever Is Forgotten / Torn Appart By Horses / The Nain Rouge / Signsofcollapse / Comrade Kilkin / Bodies In The Gears Of - Masonic Temple of Detroit, 500 Temple ave, Detroit
- more info:


Derek Hess

Wednesday August 18, 2004

Stressfest was amazing....just ask anyone who was there. I really want to thank the following people for making this possible (and if I forgot you, my bad, you rock)......

Marty Geramita, House Of Blues and Anthony Nicolaidis (thanks for the ulcer), Lori, Jamie, Kathy, Jenn, Emily, Brooke (happy birthday) and the entire staff at the Scene Pavilion, Gallery Production Jason Disengage for the help with the gallery instillation, Michael Parks for the framing, Amy Stanley for the extra hands, Shawn from Radiotaker, Rev, Moose and Jackie from the Syndicate, Strhess Crew Carrie and Brooke - they were bombed all day and still kept smiling, Christina for working all day at the gallery, Kurt and Burning Tree for all the help with the site and updates, Michael Carpenter (Nokturnal) for design on the poster, Jason Carrol for the website, Jakprints for all their help with everything, Jessey for watchin' out for the DC chicks (sorry i missed you), Dawn for watchin' Jose, Thursday for giving a stellar final performance in the states for 2004, Converge for putting up with the meat headed security, Uncle Scratch's Gossple Revival for crashin' the party and saving us all from eternal damnation, all the rest of the bands for unbelieabable perfromances and support, all the artists - it just wouldn't be cool without you guys, Justin and his crew for filming, Don for his video skills, Liz from Place A Pet and her extra hand with video taping, Jimmy for being Jimmy, Kimmy and her magic marker, Susie xpopx, Kaylee, and all the street teamers, Pants, LT, Ultra Sound Record, Grog Shop, Chris' Warped Records, Annie Zaleski with the Scene, Anastasia Pantsios from the Free Times, Eileen McShea and channel 3, Fabienne and Bill Peters at WJCU, Allen and Kevin at WBWC, Matt and Chris at 92.3xtreme, everyone who posted a banner or talked about it on their site, everyone who let us hang a poster or just helped promote the show in their own way.

Special thanks goes out to everyone who bought a tix and helped support the bands and the show. I know you've heard it before but without your help none of this would be possible. Big hugs!!

We want to post pictures of the event so if anyone has some good shots they'd like to share send them our way.

Derek Hess

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